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Sancho eres lo máximo y de hecho que la veré pero. Traducción. Xfa 


John cho, man. If there’s one actor I’ve always thought needed more roles it’s him, such a solid actor.


Justin Chon! ♡

They did not include the trash bin on the trailer... 🚮😕

I wish I saw it on movie theater

Sanchoo :D

YESSSSSSSSS Sanchobeatz aka Coreano Loco made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Felicidades bro!!!!!


How come that everyone is talking about that Marvel-Crap and not about masterpieces like this? Such an underrated work of film..

She's with uncle Kumar 🚬

The sad thing is people will look at this as the sequel to Unfriended

If some people I know went missing, their parents must be struggling through social media and laptops and all they had to do is call customer service.

Sancho, ya tienes tu pelicula no niegues que eres un igol Sancho sancho sancho!

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Just watched this today! Great movie, very unique. Highly reccommend :)

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I thought he just actor at harold n kumar haha.. now he acting in serious mov.. mother die with his father stay together problem is his father didnt want to hear het confession.. a twist thought kim die but at a ravine.. detective make a twist save her son.. that she drowning at lake but his son push her.. her son love her haha.. tahe money 2500 return with a push lol.. using internet as a medium nice mov.

Here’s our most updated SEOUL SOUTH KOREA TRAVEL GUIDE blog with sample Seoul itinerary for 4 DAYS and 3 NIGHTS, hotel and tour recommendations,.. Sancho rules! Liam Neeson, except he's Asian and stays in his room with his laptop. 😂. Amazing movie. Prepare for chills towards the end 😭.


SANCHO! :3 <3 Benson Lee Find upcoming academic conferences or share your conference, event, seminar, webinar and workshops freely. ¡Sanchoooooooooooooooo eres tú, man! ... Ya quiero ver la pela, se ve genial... Que la traigan a latinoamérica, yaaaaa!!!! :3 Muchos éxitos, Sancho, ¡Fighting! n_n.





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